When you visit our website: (hereinafter the “Site”), cookies are placed on your computer, tablet or any device used by you (hereinafter the “User”). This allows us (hereinafter referred to as the “Publisher”) to analyse page traffic and improve our Site. Cookies are used according to their nature and for the purposes indicated below.
The User has the possibility to accept or reject cookies using the mechanism integrated in the banner or the tools described below.


A cookie (hereinafter referred to as “Cookie(s)”) is a text file placed on a terminal when visiting the Site or when viewing an advertisement. The purpose of a Cookie is in particular to collect information relating to the User’s navigation on the Site and to send the User personalised services and content.


There are different types of cookies:

  1. Third-party and proprietary cookies
    A cookie is called “owner” or “third party” depending on the domain from which it originates. Proprietary Cookies are those installed by the website that the User is currently viewing. Third-party cookies are cookies installed by a domain other than that of the website that the User is currently viewing. When a User visits a site and another entity installs a Cookie through this site, that Cookie is a third party Cookie.
  2. Session cookies
    These cookies allow website operators to track the actions of a User during a browsing session. The navigation session begins as soon as the User opens the browser window and ends when the User closes the browser window. Session cookies are temporary in nature. Once the browser is closed, all session cookies are deleted.
  3. Persistent cookies
    These Cookies remain on the User’s device after the User’s browser session has ended for the duration specified by each of these Cookies. They are activated each time the User visits the website that generated them


Different types of cookies are used on the Site, they have different purposes. Some are required to use the Site.

  1. Technical Cookies strictly necessary
    These cookies are necessary for the operation of the Site. They allow the User to use the main functionalities of the Site. Without these cookies, the User cannot use the Site normally. These cookies only require information from the User to be stored on the User’s terminal and do not allow any behavioural or identification monitoring.
  2. Cookies for audience measurement
    Cookies for audience measurement help to establish statistics on the number of visits and use of the various elements making up the Site (sections and contents visited, routes). They allow the Publisher to improve the interest and ergonomics of the Site.
  3. Advertising Cookies
    Advertising Cookies are used to determine which advertisements to display based on the User’s browsing on the Site in order to limit the number of displays, measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, or adapt advertisements based on the User’s preferences, if the User has previously accepted the possibility.