Air Quality Kit 10 Rooms


Air Quality Kit for 10 sensing devices or rooms.

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Control the air quality inside each room of your buildings, reduce the risk of Covid propagation, all without intervention, drafts or energy loss.
Kit optimzed for 10 rooms, with one sensing device per room and 1 year dashboard access.
Monitored parameters are: Total Volatile Organic Compound, equivalent CO2, Temperature, Relative air humidity, battery level.


  • 1 x DRG-LPS8-01 : Dragino LPS8 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
  • 10 x DRG-LAQ4-01 : LAQ4 — LoRaWAN Air Quality Sensor
  • Preconfigured profile “Air Quality” on SofiaNetworks Cloud Platform
  • 1 year Starter Cloud